Lipitor weight gain

lipitor weight gain

Normal blood pressure can be termed as ideal blood pressure. The pressure, which most of the time is 120 over 80, is the type of pressure that all healthy people should have. Nevertheless, the understanding that different people have different blood pressure is vital. When your blood pressure is high, you are said to be suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. Physicians urge people to maintain normal blood pressure as a way of preventing the risk of strokes or even heart diseases. You can easily tell if your blood pressure is high, normal or low by going for a check up.

Physicians use a sphygmomanometer to measure the blood pressure. Your blood pressure is said to be normal when it is more than 120 over 80 but less than 140 over 90. Nevertheless, one thing you must realize is that whilst a pressure of 140 over 90 is said to be normal, it places you at a greater risk of getting heart attack and strokes. It is vital that you reduce and sustain your blood pressure at a normal level if it elevated. You may do this in different ways, making a lifestyle change being the most crucial. Lowering blood pressure and sustaining it at normal levels can be accomplished by consuming a smaller amount of salt.

When it comes to hypertension, salt is believed the biggest offender. Blood pressure is raised by consuming excessive amounts of salt. Physicians recommend that you consume salt in small amounts, if you have hypertension. Lowering and preventing hypertension may be achieved by removing salt from one’s diet. Another way you can lower your blood pressure is by eating a healthy diet. You ought to eat meals that include the three food groups of vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins.

You should especially eat more vegetables and fruits, as they are known to lower and maintain blood pressure at normal levels. You also need to exercise more. In addition to keeping your heart healthy, it also keeps it active thus decreasing blood pressure. You can employ a qualified trainer to help you exercise comfortably at home or sign up at the local sports club. The trainer may formulate a training program for you that may assist you sustain a healthy weight as well as normal blood pressure. You should also avoid drinking too much alcohol and smoking as it only raises your blood pressure.

Keeping a normal blood pressure is simple merely by following these simple regulations.

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