Lipitor dosage

lipitor dosage

titleHow Can You Avoid Hardening of the Arteries? /titleThe coronary heart is one of the most important organs of the body and when it is not taken care of properly, several coronary heart diseases can happen. One of them is the a href= of the arteries/a or in healthcare terms, it is known to as arteriosclerosis. It often appears along with high blood pressure. p The arteries are the blood vessels that carry the air and nutrients from the coronary heart to the other parts of the body. Over time, these fat deposits in the arteries will develop into hardened which then leads to reduced blood supply of the organs in the body. When this is not properly controld, the arteries will develop into eventually blocked, ensuing in tissue death which is often the case in heart attacks and stroke. p There are several factors that are linked with hardening of the arteries which are categorized into modifiable and non-modifiable.

The non-modifiable factors are those which you are not able to change such as hereditary factors, advancing age, gender (male have a higher risk of developing hardening of the arteries than women) and race. For the modifiable factors, these are the ones that you can deal with which include cigarette smoking, obesity and lack of exercise, diet that is high in saturated fat, high blood pressure, diabetes and high ldl cholesterol ranges. p The indicators and symptoms of hardening of the arteries depend on the location of the affected arteries. If it is located in the arteries that supply the coronary heart, you will commonly experience chest pain, profuse sweating, shortness of breath and anxiety. Arteries that supply blood to the brain when affected will be manifested through numbness or weakness, paralysis usually in one half of the body, loss of speech, blindness and difficulty when swallowing. For the ones that supply the legs, severe leg pain will be manifested which happens during strolling and disappears when you stop. Kidney failure and high blood pressure are the manifestations when the arteries affected are the ones that supply the kidneys. p As to this date, there is no acknowledged a href= for hardening of the arteries/a but the indicators and symptoms and effects can be treated.

Medications for the indicators and indicators will be given such as anti-hypertensives, cholesterol reducing drugs, diuretics and medications to control the chest pain. To re-open the artery when it is blocked, angioplasty is commonly performed. p Even if there are non-modifiable factors for hardening of the arteries, you can do a lot to help reduced down your risks. Life style changes are warranted such as smoking cessation, having a balanced diet that is low in fat and ldl cholesterol, having enough exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. Hardening of the arteries is a serious cardio vascular disorder so while you still can, you have to prevent it. You can also investigate a product called a href= 9 Plus/a, an L-Arginine supplement which helps your body product Nitric Oxide.

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